Welcome to The Georgia Scribe

We’re concerned here with American history and culture, Southern history and culture, Georgia history and culture and a few other pairings that may sneak in as well.

Politics may get a mention or two occasionally because it’s a deeply entwined part of our history and culture, all really being of a piece. Some of the politics will be serious, some will be tongue-in-cheek, and some might be downright funny. The local politics might be especially funny, because my home county, Elbert County, Georgia, can be an awfully “interesting” place. But when we’re serious about our politics we’ll be seriously conservative.

The hope is to provoke thought and discussion, maybe inform, and hopefully perhaps entertain (myself if no one else). For the most part, anything goes here.

The Scribbler’s Notebook: This is my own column. It can and will be about anything.

“Back when … “: This will deal with history, American, Georgian and sometimes a mixed bag. Sometimes straight history with an occasional personal reminiscing.

Georgia on my mind … : Profiling people and places of Georgia.

Heardmont: Confidential : Well, you’ll just have to read that one for yourself.

In Review: Reviews of books that interest us and, we hope, you, too.

Our Book Shelf: Books We Hope You’ll Buy.

Ray Chandler


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